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Characteristics of frozen corn!

2020-06-04 11:40:47

Maize is an annual dioecious cross pollination plant with tall plants strong stems. It is an important food feed crop, also a crop with high total yield in the world. Its planting area total yield are second only to rice wheat. Corn has always been known as longevity food, which is rich in protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements, cellulose so on.

Quick frozen corn wholesale has great potential to develop high nutrition high biological function food. However, due to its complex heredity rich varieties of variation, there are some shortcomings in the conventional breeding process, such as long cycle, too large coefficient of variation, affecting the growth development of offspring. Modern biological breeding technology only overcomes the above shortcomings shortcomings, but also improves the breeding speed quality.

The growth period of maize refers to the days sowing to maturity of new seeds. The length of growth period varies with the variety, sowing date, light, temperature other environmental conditions. Generally, the growth period of early maturing varieties, late sowing high temperature is short, otherwise it is long. The whole growth period of maize can be divided into sowing, emergence, three leaves, seven leaves, jointing, tasseling, flowering, filling, milk ripening maturity. The sowing date was the date of sowing, more than 60% of the seedlings with the height of about 2-3 cm were unearthed at the seedling emergence stage. At the jointing stage, more than 60% of the plants in the field began to elongate.

At the big bell mouth stage, more than 60% of the upper leaves of the whole field showed trumpet shape. In the tasseling stage, more than 60% of the plants in the field showed 3-5 cm of the top leaves. More than 60% of the female plants were exposed in the silking stage. At the mature stage, more than 90% of the plants in the field hardened, showed the inherent color luster of the varieties, the milk line disappeared. The process of maize growth development can be divided into seedling stage, ear stage flowering grain stage.

Corn has been cultivated for more than 470 years in China. However, due to high yield, good quality strong adaptability, the cultivation area develops rapidly. At present, China's sown area is about 300 million mu, second only to rice wheat, ranks third among grain crops. Second only to the United States in the world. China has also accumulated rich experience in maize cultivation techniques. Sowing: the natural conditions in China's corn producing areas are very different. The suitable varieties should be selected according to the local frost period, soil texture, soil fertility planting month. The yield of Forage Maize horse tooth hybrid is high. We should also pay attention to the breeding of improved varieties arrange the seed field area properly.

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