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Quick frozen corn wholesale major feed crops

2020-06-12 11:55:47

Quick frozen boiled corn

The male inflorescence grows at the top of the plant, the female inflorescence (spike) grows in the middle upper leaf axils. It is commonly known as bract rice, Bangzi, Zizania latifolia pearl rice, which originated in South America. The American Indians began to grow corn 7000 years ago. After Columbus discovered the new world, he brought corn to Spain. With the development of world navigation industry, corn gradually spread to all parts of the world became one of the most important food crops. Around the middle of the 16th century, China began to introduce corn, in the 18th century it spread to India. So far, corn has been planted in every continent of the world, corn has become the main feed crop. In the world, although there are barley, oats, sorghum other feed crops, but its yield compared with corn is really one of the tip of the iceberg. Corn accounts for more than 65% of the world's coarse grain output 90% of China's coarse grain output. Corn is the main raw material for compound feed, accounting for 80% in general, the other 20% is high protein additives such as soybean meal fish meal.

Corn is a good health care product in coarse grains, which is quite beneficial to human health: vitamin B6, nicotinic acid other ingredients in corn have the characteristics of stimulating gastrointestinal peristalsis accelerating fecal excretion, can prevent treat constipation, stomach diseases, enteritis, bowel cancer, etc. Corn is rich in vitamin C, Isomaltooligosaccharide so on, which has the function of longevity beauty. Corn embryo tip contains nutrients that can enhance human metabolism regulate nervous system function. It can make skin tender smooth, inhibit delay wrinkles. Corn has the effect of regulating the middle appetizing, reducing blood lipid serum cholesterol.

Soak corn cobs in 2% salt water for 20-25 minutes. Replace salt water every 4000 ears. Put the soaked corn cobs in water for 5 minutes. This is the most critical process. Blanching has four functions: one is to inactivate the enzyme in the tender stick prevent the nutrition being destroyed. The second is to kill the microorganisms eggs attached to the surface of the ear to ensure food safety. The third is to eliminate the air in the tender corn, reduce the pressure of ice crystal formation during freezing, reduce the oxidation degree of raw materials, so as to maintain the color nutrition of the product. The fourth is to prevent the products aging, scalding changing the taste. Using hot steam blanching process, the control temperature is 95-105 ℃, the time is 10-15 minutes.


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