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Acorn kernel is the main raw material of fermentation industry

2020-06-17 18:45:47

Scorn nut kernels



After the acorn with shell is picked, insects will be born in less than 5 days; the fresh kernel has more moisture is easy to heat mildew, so it should be treated in time after harvest. During harvesting, plastic film can be spread on the ground, the mature fruit can be shot down with bamboo pole to remove the impurities such as leaves branches. The shell shell can be separated by beating it with a whip. In case of rainy days, dry with fire to prevent mildew. To remove the shell, the method can be broken with a stone mortar mallet a rice mill, then the shell is removed by wind, the kernel is purified dried in the sun. About 60-70 kg of jingziren can be obtained per 100 kg. Soak the seeds in water for 1-2 days, change the water 1-2 times a day. After removing the astringency, grind them into pulp with a stone mill put them into containers such as tanks. After sedimentation, pour out the water on them, then filter them. Dry the filter materials into starch. 30-50 kg acorn powder can be extracted per 100 kg acorn.

There are many ways to use acorn kernel, such as starch, hydrated maltose (acid glycosylated sugar, maltose, powder hydrated maltose) glucose (hydrated glucose, crystal glucose, solid powdered glucose), etc. they can be directly eaten used in food industry, such as making vermicelli, powdered skin other food mixing Starch is also the main raw material of fermentation industry. Starch is used in the paper industry as a glue to increase the strength of paper, improve the properties of paper, as an adhesive for paperboard. In the textile industry, a large number of starch starch products are used as sizing materials to increase yarn strength. Starch is also found in dyeing mud. Starch of high quality is used in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of tablets, pills powders; glucose is used for the consumption injection of patients. Dextrin is used in printing ink. Starch is used as sand core adhesive in foundry industry. In metallurgical industry, starch is used as precipitant for flotation ore.

It is widely used has high economic value. Most of acorns refer to the nuts of Quercus. There are more acorns in Eastern Hubei, which are similar to silkworm cocoons, so they are also called chestnut cocoons. Acorn outside hard shell, brown red, inner kernel such as flowers, rich in starch. Quercus liaotungensis Quercus mongolica are famous oak trees in the north of China. In the south, there are dozens of oak species, such as Cyclobalanopsis glauca, Quercus acutissima, Quercus acutissima, Quercus variabilis Quercus variabilis in the north south. Oak is a treasure all over the body. In addition to its edible fruit, its wood is solid has good corrosion resistance. It is a good material for making furniture, farm tools, sleepers, pillars poles. The charcoal produced by oak has strong firepower is durable. Oak bark acorn shell are rich in tannin, which are good raw materials for extracting tannin extract in industry.


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