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Acorn cold noodles are pliable chewy, cool light soup is smooth smooth

2020-06-19 15:40:47

Acorn powder cool noodles

Acorn cold noodles, cut beef into large pieces, soak in cold water wash, put it into a cold water pot, boil it with high heat, skim off the floating blood foam on the surface, then add soy sauce refined salt. At this time, it can be stewed with low heat. Another green onion, carrots into a special small cloth bag into the pot, when the beef is fully stewed, take out, put on the chopping board, when it is cool, cut into small slices. Filter the beef soup put it into the container for use. Mix buckwheat flour starch in a certain proportion in a bowl. Blanch it into a slightly hard flour with boiling water. Add a proper amount of alkali, knead fold

Ice cold dough strips, put into a special extrusion tube, quickly pressed into noodles, then into boiling water pot to boil. Noodles cooked then put into the cold water too cool, there are also fans to cool the noodles, after the proper bowl on the table. On the noodles, put hot cabbage other seasonal vegetables four five slices of cooked beef, pour garlic sauce (mashed with garlic paste, dried chili powder water), then add slices of fruit shredded eggs, finally pour beef soup, sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds sesame oil.

Cook the cleaned beef mutton big bone spare ribs with green onion, ginger, garlic spices in boiling water until it can be inserted with an iron fork. Take out the meat piece (the meat can be added to the cold noodles later, the old soup is used for noodle soup). Cut scallion white, coriander buckwheat noodles (cold noodles) soak them in water (if this one is cold water, it takes a little long time, generally use 50 degree hot water to soak) prepare the noodles noodles After the soup, put the cold noodles in boiling water soften until the noodles are smooth (usually 6 to 10 seconds). In the bowl, gently pour the big bone soup with boiled meat, then put the hot cold noodles into the bone soup. On the noodles, put the sliced beef slices the boiled sauce (each restaurant has different sauce, so the taste is different), of course, scallion coriander (stir fried chili noodles vinegar with appropriate amount of oil) serve them. It's hot sour. It's very delicious for the local people to go home.


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