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The edible characteristics of acorn powder!

2020-06-04 15:50:47

Most of acorns in acorn powder refer to the nuts of Quercus plants. There are more acorns in Eastern Hubei, which are similar to silkworm cocoons, so they are also called chestnut cocoons. Acorn outside hard shell, brown red, inner kernel such as flowers, rich in starch.

Quercus liaotungensis Quercus mongolica are famous oak trees in the north of China. In the south, there are dozens of oak species, such as Cyclobalanopsis glauca, Quercus acutissima, Quercus acutissima, Quercus variabilis Quercus variabilis in the north south. Oak is a treasure all over the body. In addition to its edible fruit, its wood is solid has good corrosion resistance. It is a good material for making furniture, farm tools, sleepers, pillars poles. The charcoal produced by oak has strong firepower is durable.

Acorns can be eaten. However, some acorns (especially the black acorns of red oak) contain a lot of tannins. If you eat them directly without treatment, you will feel bitter astringent. The green acorn of white oak has lower tannin content sweeter taste, which can be eaten raw cooked. The basic method of acorn is to cook it for a long time change the water to remove the tannin contained in it. After cooking, it can be eaten directly. Acorn can also be baked mixed with flour. Acorn powder often has a special fragrance. Since acorn contains more oil, it is necessary to store acorn flour to avoid harshness. Acorn powder can also be served as cold noodles.

Acorn powder

Acorn powder

Cut large pieces of beef, soak in cold water, wash, put into a cold water pot to boil, skim off the floating blood foam on the surface, then add soy sauce refined salt, change to low heat stew.

In addition, put the green onion carrot into a special cloth bag put it in the pot. When the beef is fully stewed, take it out put it on the chopping board. When it is cool, cut it into small slices.

Filter the beef soup put it into the container for use.

Mix the acorn powder starch in a certain proportion in a mixing bowl, blanch it into a slightly hard flour with boiling water, add a proper amount of alkali, knead fold into a round strip, put it into a special extrusion barrel, quickly press it into noodles, then put it into a boiling water pot for boiling. After the noodles are cooked, they can be put into the cold water to cool, the noodles can be blown cool by an electric fan, then put into a bowl on the table.

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