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Quick frozen corn screening: the frozen corn is further selected to remove defective broken grains. If necessary, it can be screened for wholesale

2020-06-24 14:17:04

Quick frozen boiled corn

The quick-frozen corn should be put in the shade peeled immediately after entering the factory. The time harvesting to processing of corn should exceed 6 hours. If the processing can be finished within 6 hours, it must be stored in the fresh-keeping storehouse around 0 ℃ for a short time. The corn bracts were peeled off manually to remove the corn silk. Remove the corn ear bracts to handle gently, put into a special basket. Pruning, selecting grading, the ears of sweet corn that are too old, too tender, excessively moth eaten extremely irregular grains are removed. Use a knife to dig out the ear of sweet corn with a little moth eaten variegated kernels. According to the diameter of maize, 2-3 grades can be made according to different maize varieties, the diameter difference between grades is about 5mm. Cleaning threshing, because the quick-frozen corn grains are no longer thawed cleaned before eating, so they must be cleaned with flowing water. Threshing is carried out on a special corn thresher. The depth of thresher knife is adjusted according to the grade to avoid cutting corn seeds too deep too shallow. If the corncobs are cut too deep, the appearance taste of the products will be affected; if the corncobs are cut too shallow, the yield will be low the raw materials will be wasted. Blanching blanching is the most important process in the processing of tender corn. The blanching temperature time must be strictly controlled. Blanching has the following functions: it can inactivate enzymes in corn tissues, because low-temperature cold storage will make enzymes lose their activity, slow physiological chemical reactions are still carried out, so that the nutritional components of grains are destroyed; blanching can also kill some microorganisms eggs to ensure the hygiene food safety of products; the air in the blanched corn grains is squeezed out It can reduce the expansion pressure of ice crystal formation during freezing, increase the resistance to expansion pressure, reduce the oxidation degree of raw materials, maintain the color nutrition of products. Boiling water steam can be used for blanching, the temperature is 93 ~ 100 ℃, the blanching time is controlled according to the water temperature, generally 3 ~ 8 minutes. If blanching time is too long, the nutrients will be seriously lost, the quality indexes such as color taste of finished products will be greatly reduced. Corn kernels should be blanched immediately after threshing. Blanching can be carried out in a sandwich pot a continuous blanching machine. Blanching method is to boil water first, then put in sweet corn kernels, the ratio of water corn kernels is 4:1.


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