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Is it OK to put fresh corn into quick-frozen corn in refrigerator directly?

2020-06-24 16:52:19

Quick frozen boiled corn

It is possible to put fresh corn directly into the refrigerator into quick-frozen corn.

If you don't eat the corn right away, it will lose its moisture taste stale. Buy more put them in the refrigerator freeze them into quick-frozen sweet corn. No matter when they are taken out to eat, they are as delicious as fresh corn. Corn can be stored in the refrigerator all the year round. It's convenient to eat. You can take it out to wash cook directly.

Fresh corn preservation method:

1. Peel off the outer layer of corn leave three layers of endothelium. You don't have to choose corn whiskers, let alone wash them.

2. Put them into fresh-keeping bags plastic bags, seal them keep them in the freezer of the refrigerator.

3. Fresh corn has a long storage period can be eaten at any time before the next corn season.

If the amount of corn is large, it is recommended that you use a corn cob preservation method, which belongs to food preservation technology. It is to peel the fresh corn cobs with moderate tenderness full grains, wash them, insert them vertically one by one on the glue spraying board; mix the food glue water according to the weight ratio of 1:10, stir them evenly, boil them into paste, put them into the electric spray gun, spray them evenly on the surface of the packed corn cobs, immediately put the corn cobs after spraying together with the glue spraying board into the refrigerated cabinet freezer below - 28 ℃ After freezing, the corn cobs are pulled out, sealed in food bags, then stored in the freezer below - 18 ℃. The method is simple, the preservation period is long the effect is good.

If the amount is small needs to be preserved for a long time, just peel the fresh corn, wrap it with plastic wrap freeze it in the refrigerator. You can eat the same fresh tender quick-frozen sweet corn in winter.


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