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Suppliers of frozen corn feel that quick freezing is the decisive factor of quality

2020-06-24 16:56:45

Quick frozen boiled corn


European American consumers love canned sweet corn. This kind of sweet corn can be divided into yellow white, which accounts for more than 95% of the yield. Europe mainly imports whole grain products, while Asia, North America the Middle East mainly import paste products. At present, the annual production of canned sweet corn food in the world exceeds 3.8 million tons (2002 data). The annual output of canned sweet corn in the United States is about 700000 tons, that of quick-frozen sweet corn is 450000 tons, accounting for about 30% of the world's processing capacity. The annual output of canned sweet corn in the world is about 10 million tons. Other sweet corn production processing state-owned France, Canada, etc. Canned sweet corn is mainly imported Japan, Germany, Britain, etc.

Quick freezing is the decisive factor to ensure the quality of products. The faster the freezing speed is, the better the product quality is; on the contrary, the longer the freezing time, the worse the product quality. The suppliers of quick-frozen corn will use fluidized-bed quick freezing tunnel for quick freezing treatment. Corn kernels are laid flat on the conveyor belt, there are many typhoons under the conveyor belt. At the speed of 6 ~ 8 m / s, the cold air is blown down to up to make the corn grain in suspension, the temperature in the center of corn kernel can reach - 18C. The corn kernels should adhere to each other have no frost on the surface. If the evaporation temperature of the machine is - 34 ~ - 40C, the cold air temperature is - 26 ~ - 30C, the thickness of corn kernels is 80 ~ 38mm, freezing for 8-15 minutes can meet the requirements.


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