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Acorn powder

Acorn powder

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This product is pure acorn powder extracted wild ACORN NUT KERNELS. It is mainly used to make acorn jelly, called acorn bean curd acorn jelly in the south. Contains a variety of trace elements needed by the human body, mainly exported to Korea, Japan, deeply loved by foreign customers. Acorn jelly production method: according to the appropriate ratio of water powder 1 to 5 6 evenly stir 10-20 minutes, stir in the same direction, boil with high fire, change to medium fire when the color becomes dark, change to low fire when there are a few bubbles, then keep stirring, until there are a lot of bubbles, stir again for 5-10 minutes, turn off the fire. Pour into the container, close the lid, put in the refrigerator, cool it, take out the cut, dip according to personal taste, you can make a delicious jelly.



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