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Dried mushrooms

Dried mushrooms

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This product is made of high quality fresh mushroom growing in the natural environment processed by special technology. It is only fragrant delicate, rich in nutrition, easy to preserve, edible method is also a variety of, can be used to cook, stew, stir-fry, boil so on. Lentinus edodes is known as "queen of plants".DRIED MUSHROOMS lentinus edodes is an agricultural product processed by fresh lentinus edodes other processes. Lentinus edodes have strong adsorbability, must be stored separately, that is, the container of lentinus edodes shall be mixed with other articles, the warehouse of lentinus edodes should be mixed with other materials. In addition, do use containers with volatile odor adsorbed odor container to store lentinus edodes. Dry lentinus edodes bubble hair: before cooking, first use cold water to wash the surface of lentinus edodes, lentinus edodes with a handle can remove the root, then "gill page" downward placed in a warm bath soak, until the lentinus edodes become soft, "gill page" after opening, then use your hand to gently stir in one direction, let the sand sink slowly into the bottom of the basin. The water of immerse lentinus edodes still can be used after removing silt. If you soak dried mushrooms in warm water to add a little sugar, cooking taste more delicious.



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