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White corn

White corn

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White corn

Produced in the planting base of high-quality green corn, high-quality varieties, strictly in accordance with the green food standards of planting, processing of pure natural green food. The original shape, color, flavor nutrition components of fresh tender corn were preserved in the process of processing with imported equipment advanced technology. Tianzi 23 is a purple white waxy corn hybrid. The period seedling emergence to fresh spike harvest was about 85 days, 3 days longer than control Jinxiannuo 101. The plant height was 226CM, the ear was 107CM, the ear was long cylindrical, neat uniform, firm, tight full, straight. The ear length was 18-20cm, the ear diameter was 4.3cm, the bare tip was 1.7cm, the white axis, the number of ear rows was 14, each row was about 35 grains. Good quality, 27.6g purple white grain weight, seed yield 85%; Fresh weight of single ear about 250G; About 750KG of fresh fruit per mu; Dry grains about 400KG/ mu. Field resistance to large, small spot, sheath blight bacterial wilt. QUICK FROZEN BOILED CORNS to eat: no need to thaw, boiled steamed for 5-10 minutes to eat.



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