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Processing methods of acorn kernel

2020-06-24 16:20:24

Scorn nut kernels

Acorn kernel is a kind of high-energy feed with starch content of 50-63.5%, crude protein of 3.4% crude fat of 4.4%. Its nutritional composition is similar to that of common feed. It can be seen everywhere under oak forest in mountain area.

Collecting processing acorn can feed pigs, save concentrate reduce feeding cost. Most acorns are harvested in late autumn before winter. Generally, about 35 kg acorn kernels (rice) can be obtained after shelling every 50 kg acorns.

The collected acorns should be treated to eliminate pests increase feeding value. Generally, acorn processing methods are as follows:

1. Soak in water to kill insects remove astringency. Put the acorn into the jar, barrel cement pool, fill it with water until the acorn is submerged soak it. At the same time, stir it up down for several times to make the sundries acorns that have been damaged by insects float in the water remove them. Generally, soaking for 15 days so, changing water several times during this period can suffocate the larvae developing eggs of acorns to death, eliminate tannin (tannin) contained in acorns.

2. Drying shelling. Take out the acorns soaked in water, drain the water, spread them on the cement floor stone mat (curtain) plastic cloth expose them to the sun dry on the hot Kang. To separate the shell the kernel, shake the acorn with your hand. When there is a sound in the shell, press it with a wooden stick a stone mill to make the acorn shell come out of the shell, clean the shell with a windmill dustpan. Acorn kernel is yellow milky yellow stored in bags, boxes, vats, barrels other containers.

3. Crushed acorn storage. Generally, when the acorn kernel is dry the moisture content is below 12%, it is crushed into powder by stone mill pulverizer, stored in woven (cloth) bags plastic bags, tied tightly, stored in a high dry ventilated place. It can be used as concentrate for pig feeding all year round.


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