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Notes on acorn kernel feeding pigs

2020-06-24 16:18:52

Scorn nut kernels

When feeding pigs with acorn kernel, it is better to feed fresh acorn whole acorn. According to the test, the tannin content of acorn is 12.8%. The tannin taste is bitter astringent, which is harmful to the digestion function of pigs, reduces appetite is prone to severe constipation. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when feeding pigs with acorns

1. On the day before feeding, soak the acorn kernel (powder) in the VAT, basin barrel, stir rinse several times, try to dissolve the tannic acid, remove the bitter astringent taste, make the pig like to eat, fatten, improve the absorption utilization rate without hurting the intestines stomach.

2. Feed with appropriate amount mix with other feed. Acorn contains less protein, pay attention to match protein feed. The general feeding amount is as follows: Pigs less than 50 kg account for about 25% of the diet, those over 50 kg account for about 35% of the diet, weaned piglets account for about 10% of the diet. Pregnant sows should feed acorns as much as possible to prevent miscarriage. If acorn kernels are crushed, they can be directly fed in the feeding trough after the tannin is removed softened after soaking, but the proper amount should be controlled. Don't look at the pig's favorite food feed more, don't feed fresh acorns that don't need to be soaked in water.


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