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How should corn be eaten? Frozen corn supplier to tell you

2020-06-24 17:08:13

Quick frozen boiled corn

In the ordinary diet, most people eat some food after they are cooked in the city. However, we all know that all food must be cooked before eating. Some food is of higher nutrient value, which is more conducive to our health. Can fruit corn be eaten raw? Here is a quick-frozen corn supplier to take a look at the fruit corn Can you eat it raw!

Fruit corn is also known as vegetable corn sweet corn. Different the usual corn, the endosperm of fruit corn contains sugar, so fruit corn has a sweet taste. According to the difference of monosaccharide content in endosperm, sweet corn can be divided into three types: usual sweet corn, enhanced sweet corn super sweet corn, which have different uses in food processing production. Usual sweet corn: sugar content of about 8%, mostly used for paste whole grain processing can, also used for quick-frozen; enhanced sweet corn: sugar content of 12% - 16%, mostly used for whole grain paste processing can making, quick-frozen, fresh fruit ear on the market; super sweet corn: sugar content of more than 20%, thick peel, more used for whole grain processing can, quick-frozen fresh fruit ear on the market.

"Fruit corn" can be eaten raw cooked

Fruit corn is a kind of super sweet corn that can be eaten raw properly, which is attributed to the new appearance of corn market in recent years. It has thin skin, juicy sugar content as high as 20%, which is twice as much as usual corn. It is the first choice for eating raw juicing. It is sweet crispy when eating raw cooked. It is the same as raw fruit, so it is called "fruit corn". Eating raw may be the first choice. But its value is higher.

Fruit corn is a genetically modified food

Sweet corn is one of the most important vegetables in developed countries such as the west, South Korea Japan. Because of its rich nutrients, sweet, fresh, crisp tender characteristics, it is loved by consumers. It refers to the new sweet corn varieties promoted by traditional breeding techniques, such as breeding inbred lines, combining hybrids, breeding planting, transgenic techniques.

Careful accident of eating sweet corn raw

Fresh sweet corn, fruit corn so on can be eaten raw, the taste is very surprised, the pure fragrance of corn contains a trace of sweetness. The water, active substances, vitamins other nutrients in fresh corn are much higher than those in old corn, the nutrient value is also higher.

However, when eating, try to wash clean it with water as much as possible like eating fruit. Carefully, don't eat too much at one time. because the nutrient content of corn will quickly release during the storage process, try to eat those that have just harvested.


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