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Why does frozen corn have sweet taste? Is it genetically modified?

2020-06-24 17:10:36

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Now there are a lot of quick-frozen corn on the market, they are very sweet, which are different ordinary quick-frozen corn kernels. So why are frozen corn kernels sweet? Now the quick-frozen corn is a new product after special breeding, which can be divided into three types: sweet, waxy sweet + waxy.

Sweet corn can be divided into ordinary sweet, super sweet fortified sweet. The key factor affecting the sweetness of corn is in its endosperm. Compared with ordinary corn, sweet corn endosperm only contains, but also has a relatively high content of water-soluble polysaccharides, which is why corn oil is sweet.

The reason behind this is that in a series of genes controlling starch synthesis in sweet corn, one several gene segments have natural mutation, which is in pure recessive state, cutting off the transformation process reducing sugar to starch. At present, it is the peak season of fresh corn sales. There are a lot of fresh corn on the market. However, it is also said that fresh corn is genetically modified products on the Internet in the market. During the interview, the reporter also confirmed that the rumors opinions of genetically modified have seriously affected the sales prices of fresh corn this year, farmers are very distressed. In response to the network rumor raised by the reporter, Shao Linsheng said that the sweet corn planted in production is genetically modified food, but is a hybrid of conventional breeding, so please feel free to eat it.

It is specialized in the production processing of quick-frozen sweet corn kernels, with advanced equipment, technology sanitary environment meeting the requirements of food manufacturers. The newly processed super sweet corn is now put on the market. The raw material is produced in China. The main producing area is Hebei. Due to the good climate soil conditions, the corn has high sugar content, good taste, bright color low crushing rate. This product is full of grains, high content of vitamins, amino acids other ingredients. It has the unique flavor sweet taste of sweet corn, is easy to digest absorb. This product adopts advanced quick freezing technology, processing preservation. In order to facilitate public consumption, it is specially made for semi cooked products, which can be steamed, boiled microwave directly without thawing before eating. The processed sweet corn kernels are planted, managed purchased according to the order system. The enterprises track the whole production quality of the growers to ensure that the food raw materials are pollution-free, pollution-free, with high quality high yield.


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