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Frozen corn manufacturers tell you how to cook corn

2020-06-24 17:12:00

Quick frozen boiled corn


How to cook corn? Quick frozen corn manufacturers to tell you:

First of all, to choose fresh corn, usually just harvested corn, because the sugar content of corn will slowly lose over time. Then, cook it with the corn husk, because the husk contains pigment absorbs moisture, which makes the corn more colorful fragrant. What's more, don't add salt in the process of boiling corn, but coat it with salt water after cooking, which only won't wrinkle the surface of corn, but also doesn't need a lot of salt.

The correct way to cook corn is to peel off a few pieces of corn husks fresh corn, then put the corn with corn husks into a pot with a lot of water to cook it. Generally, it takes 20 minutes more. It doesn't matter if the corn is boiled longer. When you cook corn, start with light salt water, about 2 grams of salt 50 ml of water, this ratio good salt water. When the corn is cooked, peel off the corn skin, then apply salt water on the surface of the corn.

Tip: if you want a more nutritious boiled corn, add a little baking soda to the water while cooking. This is because corn is rich in nutrients, but in general, this component is difficult to be decomposed absorbed by the human body. After adding sodium bicarbonate, corn can be fully released, the nutritional value is higher.


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