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How to make frozen corn delicious?

2020-06-24 16:41:54

Quick frozen boiled corn

In fact, frozen corn kernels are available in many restaurants. Because the frozen products are similar to fresh ones, they are only convenient to use. Quick frozen corn kernels can also be made, but they need to be peeled off one by one put into specific freezing conditions. In the storage of quick-frozen sweet corn, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of temperature to prevent the deterioration of corn.

The practice of sweet corn kernels is as follows:

Main ingredient: corn grain 250g

Accessories: carrot half root, cucumber half root, red pepper half root, salt minority, sugar minority, edible oil appropriate amount

1. Dice with vegetables set aside.

2. The cans bought in the corn kernel supermarket should be dried set aside.

3. Heat the oil in a hot pot stir fry the corn kernels for 2 minutes. When it is hot, it can be cooked (the time is too long, so it is cooked). Add a small amount of salt sugar, stir fry for 2 minutes, then serve the mississila.

Quick frozen corn

The practice of pine kernel corn is as follows:

Main ingredients: sweet corn kernels (can be canned frozen corn kernels) appropriate amount

Accessories: proper amount of cucumber, carrot, proper amount of cooked pine nuts (I did prepare in a hurry at any time) appropriate amount

1. Cut cucumber carrot into diced corns. Proper amount of cooked pine nuts. Blanch the corn with boiling water remove it for later use.

2. Heat the oil in the pot, add corn kernels, stir fry for a few times, add diced carrot cooked pine nuts, add two small spoons of sugar (the amount of sugar is determined according to personal taste) proper amount of salt (this dish is easy to be salty), then add in diced cucumber, stir fry for several times, then you can put it out of the pot put it on the plate.

It is a favorite dish for women children.

Sweet corn has the highest nutritional value health care function. It is rich in calcium can reduce blood pressure. The carotene contained in sweet corn is absorbed by human body converted into vitamin A. the plant cellulose contained in sweet corn can accelerate the discharge of carcinogens other poisons. Vitamin E contained in sweet corn can promote cell division, delay aging, reduce serum cholesterol prevent skin lesions. It can also reduce arteriosclerosis brain dysfunction. Riboflavin contained in sweet corn can delay eye aging.


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